Ford Capri is Back with a Shocking Twist!

By Priska | July 11, 2024

A European Legend Reborn: An iconic European sports car, the Ford Capri, is making a triumphant return! However, this time, something unexpected is hiding under the hood (or rather, not there at all).

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 Electric Soul, Sleek Design: A completely electric coupe SUV, the new Ford Capri revives the iconic model's athleticism while adding modern conveniences. Its style is a contemporary take on a timeless silhouette, reminiscent of the classic Capri.

Integrity in Performance: Get your adrenaline rush from rapid electric torque without sacrificing your conscience. The Capri is an eco-friendly option for thrill seekers thanks to its range that's good for daily driving.

Choice and Convenience: There are two versions of the Capri to meet different demands. Pick between the well-appointed standard model and the luxurious Capri Premium, which both come with plenty of features.

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Power Tailgate for Effortless Loading: Loading up the Capri Premium with groceries or luggage is a snap with the optional motorized tailgate, so you can enjoy a stress-free drive.

Sunroof Bliss: You can add a touch of luxury to your everyday journeys with the available panoramic sunroof, allowing you to soak up the sun and enjoy the open-air atmosphere.

Tech-Savvy Interior: Inside the Capri, you'll find state-of-the-art technology capabilities that will keep you connected and engaged no matter where you are.

A Modern Icon: A tribute to the timeless Capri and a representation of Ford's dedication to innovation, the new Capri is more than simply a vehicle.

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